We can organise many tests directly, and as GPs we can diagnose and manage a great many conditions ourselves.

Sometimes, we will offer to make a referral asking another professional or organisation whom we trust for their opinion using the specialised resources and expertise at their disposal.

If you have any concerns about your health, do book an appointment with one of our expert GPs. We will undertake our own assessement, collect any information and tests necessary to support any referral, and advise whether a referral would be appropriate.

We will advise you which specialty, organisation or individual we believe is most likely to accept the referral and to give the most helpful opinion. This is the reason why patients, specialists and insurers value the input of GPs in the referral process.

We will of course facilitate your preferences as best we can, mindful that this might sometimes result in “going round in circles” if the preferred specialist is either not available, too busy, or feels they cannot help.

If you have a fixed view about the need for a particular referral, we may be able to add less value to the process. You might like to contact the specialist directly, as some do accept self-referrals.

In any case, when we make a referral, we will usually let you have a copy of the referral letter. This will put you in control, so that you can produce it in case of communication difficulties, and so that you can take it to a different, similarly qualified, individual or organisation, should you subsequently discover that they are more convenient. Feel free to search for other providers yourself. If you happen to know of any specialists who live nearby, you might like to suggest they consider using our premises!

If we make an NHS referral, you will very often be able to take that referral letter to a private provider. Please be mindful that it does not always work the other way around, as it can sometimes be more difficult to refer to NHS providers: they are often not even allowed to accept referrals which some might consider less appropriate; they also often expect the GP to undertake more preliminary assessment, the expense of which we would otherwise seek to save you.

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