Most of our patients prefer to have a face-to-face appointment with us in our surgery, and you can book this type of appointment below (please scroll down).

We also offer a number of other appointments and services:

  • Home visits (often at short notice)
  • Brief follow-up consultations
  • Text consultations
  • Telephone/video consultations
  • Vaccinations
  • Coil fitting

Please contact us to arrange any of these.

Alternatively, to book face-to-face consultations in our clinic only, please choose a time below.

Please bear in mind that although we will often be able to offer you an appointment at short notice, we are not an emergency service. If you have an urgent/emergency medical problem you should call 111 or 999 or attend your nearest hospital emergency department as appropriate.

We will ask you to complete a health questionnaire before every consultation. Don’t worry, you can skip most of it if we already know you! If you need help with it, please come early to allow time for this.

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