Treating obesity could save NHS money

A private GP sugery in Formby offers help as new research reveals that obese patients cost the NHS twice as much as non-obese patients.

Dr John Cosgrove, Clinical Director of Formby GP, suggested that no-one would be surprised that obesity comes at a cost not only in terms of healthcare but also individuals’ wellbeing. “It is not that people who are overweight do not want to lose weight – it is just that it is really hard to do so. Our appetite dictates so strongly how much most of us eat that it takes a great deal of effort to diet by willpower alone.”

Formby GP, run by Dr Cosgrove and his wife Dr Heather Ryan, offers specialist weight management services. Dr Cosgrove said, “It will be very difficult for NHS weight management services to expand to meet the need. I believe that private weight management clinics such as our own have a great deal to offer. This research suggests that we could help our patients save the NHS money.”

Dr Cosgrove explained that they work in conjunction with diet counsellors, support groups and personal trainers to offer medical support for weight management over and above lifestyle changes.


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