Priority Club welcome

Welcome to Formby GP’s Priority Club and welcome to our community!

NB To complete the process of joining the club, please ensure that each person you have paid for completes our registration form (if they have not done so already).

If any of these people have an address which is different from your billing address – or if, for whatever reason, you have reached this page without knowingly having paid – please emailing once they/you have completed our registration form.

Do please join our WhatsApp community forum, where we can help each other with answers to health questions! Before doing so, please remember that your mobile number (and any comments you make) will be visible to all other members of the group – all Priority Club members as well as our staff. If you’d prefer other members not to link your name with your mobile number, we would recommend removing your real name from your WhatsApp profile.

If you’d like individualised advice via WhatsApp, feel free to request a WhatsApp consultation, charged at £20 for each 6 minutes of GP time. As a Priority Club member, the minimum price of each WhatsApp consultation is reduced to £20.

Often, the most efficient way to consult us is simply by booking an appointment. To do so, please visit our booking page. If there are no appointments available within our promised timeframe (1 week at the time of writing), please give us a ring on 01704 617050 and I will personally fix it or refund your Priority Club membership for the current year.

We are keen to provide the best possible service to our Priority Club members. Feel free to suggest how we might make the deal even better. If we change the benefits of membership, you can take advantage of the new package next time your subscription renews.

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